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Sensei Paul Domanski began aikido in 1990 while living in Chicago. Upon relocating to Memphis, TN in 1992, he began to study more seriously under Gary Chase sensei of the Memphis Aikikai. In 1996, Memphis Aikikai officially joined the Aikido Association of America, under the tutelage of Fumio Toyoda shihan. After moving to Atlanta in 1998, he continued training under Ginny Whitelaw sensei, a longtime student of Toyoda Shihan. 


In 2001, Whitelaw sensei promoted Domanski sensei to Chief Instructor for Kyushinkan dojo/Aikido Association Atlanta. During this period, he guided the expansion of the dojo from a small store front into the Roswell Budokan, an 11,000 square foot multi-disciplined center focused on teaching martial and cultural arts. He is currently ranked yondon (4th degree black belt) through the Aikikai World Headquarters and is a past member of the Aikido World Alliance teaching committee.


In 2013, desiring to resume teaching, he founded One Point Aikido in the greater Ann Arbor area with the vision of teaching Toyoda sensei’s methodology. One Point is proud to be affiliated with Tendokan Aikido International, led by Ed Germanov sensei, a longtime student and uchi-deshi of Toyoda sensei. 

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